Toulouse, a beautiful city built of brick rose is gently cradled by the waters of the Garonne and the Canal du Midi and its monastic atmosphere each year attracts more tourists who discover as a tourist destination for a romantic getaway, a week off or annual leave .

Toulouse is the second university in importance and prestige of France,is the home of Airbus, rugby and energy is overwhelming. Its historical and cultural heritage has drawn attention as educational achievements, sports or industrial but are surprisingly rich.Among his buildings, pink and redbrick, we can discover its wonders as Capitole, the Saint Sernin Basilica and the old school building next Saint Raymond, or the imposing monastery of the Jacobinsand the magnificent private mansions. Toulouse attractions ranging fromthe museum that houses the religious heritage of the Order of Saint August ine to the shocking "Space City", will all find the way to satisfy our curiosity and delightseeing what you will not find at home.

Toulouse's history dates back to the fourth century BC when it was a small village inhabited by Volques Tectosages, a Celtic people originating from Central Europe. During the second and third centuries BC was dominated by the Romans who called it "Tolosa" the name also was known to the Spanish city but fell into disuse in favor of the original names of the big cities.

The bishop Saint Sernin (San SaturninoinSpanish) was a pioneer in the evangelization of the city and was martyred becoming a prominent personality of the city, we see not only the Basilica of St.Sernin but also various monuments erected in their honor. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Visigoths took over the region and Toulouse named capital of the kingdom. In the sixth century, the city was annexedto the kingdom of Clovis. The dynasty of the Counts of Toulouse appeared three centuries later with RaymondeI.This dynasty founded the"Capitol"and named"Capitouls"-counselors of state for administration ofthe region between the rich merchants and burghers of the city.To symbolize these counselors appointmentone or more towers built in their homes and can be seeneven today, are the famous"Hotel"in Toulouse.

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